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After retrieving the philosopher's stone at an auction but losing his girlfriend, The Librarian Flynn Carsen has a breakdown. Charlene and Judson ask him to spend some time on vacation. Flynn travels to New Orleans and he has a crush on a French singer (Simone Renoir). However he discloses that she is the guardian of a key to access the Judas Chalice that is capable to resurrect vampires. Meanwhile the former Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Kubichek is seeking the chalice to revive Vlad the vampire with the support of Professor Lazlo. Also to raise an army of undead to bring Russia back to the top of the world. When Simone reveals that she is a vampire, Flynn question whether she is not using him to reach the chalice and increase her power.
The original movie was not terrible and had its moments, but I did find it lacking. The second is an improvement but is pretty much the same. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, the third in the series. It may not be perfect, the effects range from decent to excessively mediocre, some of the explanation of the plot points was rather obvious and unneeded and some of the supporting cast are still underused so that they can't do much with their roles. However, the photography and scenery are splendid, and the score is suitably rousing. The dialogue has its witty and clever moments rather than the tired humour of the first two, and the story while somewhat derivative is actually exciting with some thrilling set pieces. Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart continue to steal the film with their subtly deadpan delivery, while Noah Wyle is at his most natural and likable, Stana Katic is the first female lead to not feel out of place or bland, she is sexy and with some steel, and Bruce Davison is also enjoyable. Overall, very enjoyable and the best of the series. 7/10 Bethany Cox
You take 3 parts Indiana Jones, 2 parts Harry Potter. For a leading man, star a young TV veteran from a hit melodrama of the last decade. In each installment cast an affordable exotic beauty in her late 30&#39;s. For a villain, cast a recognizable but unnameable TV actor from the last century. Leaven with 2 aging but able sitcom stars of the 1980&#39;s. Cook with just enough sex and violence to pass basic cable standards, but no bad language, so reruns can occur on broadcast TV on weekend afternoons when there is no sports game.<br/><br/>As I write, this, the third installment of the Librarian, is up in a 6 hour marathon of the trilogy on a Turner station. It is not bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon, if you have other things to do indoors to distract you.<br/><br/>As many have already noticed, it is a blatant riff or rip-off of the Indiana Jones franchise, except set in today&#39;s world. Noah Wylie wears Indy clothes and works for a &quot;library&quot; that is much like Indy&#39;s museum. Except the Library has not only a collection of fantasy icons from the past (from the bible to King Arthur to Grimm tales) but also wizard-like magic straight from Harry Potter. Noah is sent on a major quest in each episode, with magic-wielding villains to overcome and a sexy babe as his companion.<br/><br/>This third one is the darkest, I suppose, what with vampires in New Orleans (where did they come up with that, I wonder?) and Russian mafia types. Unlike Spielberg and his big-time budget, the special effects here are pretty cheesy computer graphics. The smaller the screen, the better they look.<br/><br/>I read that a basic cable series (hour-long format) is in the works for The Librarian franchise. Noah Wylie makes an appearance here and there. But younger actors do the heavy lifting, and apparently John Larroquette takes over the aging sitcom star duties.<br/><br/>Having said all that, it isn&#39;t all that bad, as long as you aren&#39;t after real thrills, real drama, or real comedy. It is passable eye-candy and decent time-filler for shut-ins on a rainy day. Nothing too gory or scary for youngsters beyond the first grade. And nothing too sexy to embarrass your grandma who may be baby-sitting. Just clever enough and good-looking enough to keep from reaching for the remote.<br/><br/>In short – just what the TNT production committee ordered!

When Flynn Carsen (<a href="/name/nm0001864/">Noah Wyle</a>) suffers a meltdown due to the stresses of his job as librarian at the Metropolitan Public Library in New York, Director Judson (<a href="/name/nm0627878/">Bob Newhart</a>) suggests that he take some time off, and Charlene (<a href="/name/nm0004852/">Jane Curtin</a>) suggests New Orleans. At first reluctant to go, Flynn dreams that night of a beautiful chanteuse inviting him to come to her and decides to follow his dream. His very first night in New Orleans takes him to a nightclub where he sees Simone Renoir (<a href="/name/nm1065664/">Stana Katic</a>), his dream woman, singing a seductive song. After her song is finished, he tries to talk to her, but she whisks him away into a candlelit church, reveals that she knows he is the Librarian, gives him a marker, and tells him that he is the only one who can protect the Judas Chalice. Flynn is about to embark on an adventure that will involve vampires, ex-KGB agent and former Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Kubichek (<a href="/name/nm0876305/">Dikran Tulaine</a>), his old college Professor Lazlo (<a href="/name/nm0001117/">Bruce Davison</a>), and lead him to the ultimate vampire of them all—Dracula! Curse of the Judas Chalice is the third movie in the made-for-TV Librarian franchise, preceded by <a href="/title/tt0412915/">The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004)</a> (2004) and <a href="/title/tt0455596/">The Librarian: Return to King Solomon&#39;s Mines (2006)</a> (2006). The screenplay for Curse of the Judas Chalice was written by screenwriter Marco Schnabel based on characters created by David N. Titcher in the first movie. No, they are not the same. The Holy Grail is a legendary wine cup that supposedly was used at the Last Supper., prior to the death of Jesus Christ. It is said to have great power and regenerative properties. The Judas Chalice is a fictional cup made from the 30 pieces of silver given to Judas to betray Jesus. Unlike the Grail, it is considered an unholy artifact. In the film, it has the ability to raise vampires from the dead. The Fountain of Youth, Noah&#39;s Ark, Judas Chalice, Philosopher&#39;s Stone, The Loch Ness Monster Flynn goes looking for Dracula, who has absconded with the chalice. They meet up in the woods, and it rapidly becomes apparent that Flynn is no match for Dracula. Suddenly, Simone catches up to them. She reminds Dracula that he took her life from her and that she&#39;s not about to let that happen to Flynn. Simone and Dracula then go at each other, vampire style. Flynn notes a Populus tremuloides (aspen) tree, breaks off a branch, and plunges it through Dracula&#39;s chest, causing him to burst into flames. With Dracula gone, Simone decides that it&#39;s time for her to move on, too. Flynn offers his neck to her so that they can be together, but Simone only kisses it, reminding him that he must fulfill his destiny as the Librarian. The next morning, they watch the sunrise together until Simone turns into a glittering dust and blows away. Flynn returns to the Library, giving the marker to her as a necklace and the Judas Chalice to Judson. Flynn promises to remain as the librarian with no more meltdowns and informs Judson that he knows who he is. &quot;Yehuda!&quot; he challenges. &quot;Yahoo to you, too,&quot; Judson replies. Judson assures Flynn that he and the Library will play a big role in the future struggle between good and evil. &quot;As for me being 2,000 years old,&quot; he adds, &quot;that&#39;s…well, that&#39;s just…insulting.&quot; As they walk away together, the camera pans to the ceiling, looking down on the library floor, which resembles the Tree of Knowledge. The movies in The Librarian series are most often described as a blend of action, comedy, and satire, &quot;cheesy&quot;, and movies that are a lot of fun to watch but don&#39;t take themselves seriously. Those who have seen The Librarian movies often compare them to the movies in the Indiana Jones franchise, i.e., <a href="/title/tt0082971/">Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)</a> (1981), <a href="/title/tt0087469/">Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)</a> (1984), <a href="/title/tt0097576/">Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)</a> (1989), and <a href="/title/tt0367882/">Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)</a> (2008). Also similar are the movies in (1) the National Treasure series (<a href="/title/tt0368891/">National Treasure (2004)</a> (2004) and its sequel <a href="/title/tt0465234/">National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)</a> (2007)), (2) the Night at the Museum series (<a href="/title/tt0477347/">Night at the Museum (2006)</a> (2006), <a href="/title/tt1078912/">Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)</a> (2009), and <a href="/title/tt2692250/">Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)</a> (2016)), (3) the Romancing the Stone series (<a href="/title/tt0088011/">Romancing the Stone (1984)</a> (1984) and its sequel <a href="/title/tt0089370/">The Jewel of the Nile (1985)</a> (1985)), and (4) The Mummy series (<a href="/title/tt0120616/">The Mummy (1999)</a> (1999), <a href="/title/tt0209163/">The Mummy Returns (2001)</a> (2001), and <a href="/title/tt0859163/">The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)</a> (2008)), all of which provide the adventure, thrills, and &quot;cheesiness&quot; that are part of The Librarian movies. Although they are a bit more serious in tone, the Robert Langdon series (<a href="/title/tt0382625/">The Da Vinci Code (2006)</a> (2006), <a href="/title/tt0808151/">Angels &amp; Demons (2009)</a> (2009) and <a href="/title/tt3062096/">Inferno (2016)</a> (2016)) is also favorably compared. The Wizarding World movies (Harry Potter (2001-2011) and Fantastic Beasts (2016–)) as well as <a href="/title/tt0963966/">The Sorcerer&#39;s Apprentice (2010)</a> (2010) may be of interest.
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